Great news for you guys that the conference about New Xbox has finished.

Just got the latest news from GBAtemp, that the features of the XBOX ONE has released.

Announced NextBox Features: (FIN)

- Name is ‘XBOX ONE’
- Power on with voice command
- Watch live TV with Voice command
- Instantly switch between games, watch TV, movies, music, web browsing with voice commands – very fast/instant
- Snap mode
- Skype multi video calls
- 3 Operating systems, Win8 Kernel
- 40 controller additions/redesigns – new dpad
- Rumble triggers
- kinect in the box
- xbox video recorder for games
- xbox live “some cloudy stuff”
- EA have fifa, madden, NBA, UFC. EA sports ignite seems to be furthering their earlier stuff
- EA — daily stream of new content
- Forza 5 for xbox one launch, “more at E3″
- Remedy games new IP — “Quantum break”
- MS studios — 15 exclusive games in first year, 8 are new franchises.
- Social imdb recommendations TV
- Exclusive Halo TV series with Mr Spielberg (who needs a better scriptwriter) at the helm
- NFL is back and fantasy football is still a thing
- New Call of duty — DLC exclusive to the xbox[/S] TV
- New multiplayer maps with “events” — not new but possibly quite interesting
- “save us master film director and teach us how to tell a story”
- Xbox one not online only

It’s a another successor since 8 years ago when the Xbox 360 released.

Looking forward to the hack of this XBOX ONE : )

More information about XBOX Hack, please pay attention to XBOX Break.

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