Good news again for all you guys.

There is a news about the releasing of wood R4 v1.59 on 18th May. And today, the team has update a piece of news, they got this wood update as well.

As we should know, not all the cards can use wood firmware, and more importantly, now all the wood firmware on the net a genuine.

They are the Original R4, R4i Gold 3DS (, R4iDSN ( and AK RPG.

This update is an experimental version for the RTS features including some speed increases.

Here is the change log.


Change log (WOOD R4 V1.59):

  • rts still in beta stage.
  • improved timers state saving/loading.
  • read/write core rewritten – about x10 launch/save/load speedup.
    • launching – 1s,
    • loading – 4-6s,
    • saving – 5-7s.



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