There are lots of handhelds that are meant for homebrew such as the Dingoo, GP2X, Open Pandora, and many others.  And then there are handhelds that are not meant for homebrew but got hacked into for it to run homebrews such as the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.  The Dingoo is a great homebrew console because you can just buy it and put in your emulators and homebrew right into it without hacking, but the official support for the Dingoo is terrible so it relies on unofficial support.  The emulators for the Dingoo are really great because they have tons of emulators such as GBA, SNES, and many others. The GP2X is slacking in the emulators department because they don’t work as good as the Dingoos, and has terrible controls.  The Open-Pandora is probably the best for emulators it could emulate all those systems and even Nintendo 64 and PSX.  The problem with Open-Pandora is that its really expensive and hard to find since not a lot of shops sell it, there are also not too many of them.  The Sony  PSP is probably the best console for emulators it could play all those systems and could also play about %99 of all PSX games and some Nintendo 64 games.  The thing with the PSP is that you need to hack it for it to run these unlicensed software.  I still recommend the PSP to be your system for emulation purposes.   The Nintendo DS couldn’t ever compete with these systems because there weren’t a lot of emulators for the DS such as GBA, a good SNES emulator, and some others.  But now the Supercard DStwo is released and we got ourselves a GBA emulator, we are getting ourselves a good working SNES emulator soon.  The DS couldn’t compete before because it just wasn’t strong enough to run all these emulators, but now with the Supercard DStwo we can get new emulators because of the extra CPU in it.  Soon the Supercard team will release the SDK for the DStwo so people can develop different homebrew and emulators for it.  I think the DS can now compete with those other systems and be a good system for emulation.

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