Here is a quote from a famous forum :

“Entering the eShop now, my 3DS just asked to do a new update, I’m in version 4.3.0-10U


Firmware is now 4.4.0-10U

newest 3ds v4.4.0-10

Yeah, maybe many 3ds flashcarts owners are confused about whether this updating 3ds v4.4.0-10 system will block their flashcarts.

here comes some flashcarts onwers’ comments:

“Acekard 2i blocked. “

“Bad news SCDS2 is now blocked. ”

“Yep, just bought a 3DS XL, went to the Nintendo eShop and updated expecting to see 4.3.0 – suddenly my DSTwo is giving an error when it was JUST working lol. turns out they released update 4.4.0 30 minutes before I went to the store.Hopefully a new firmware update isn’t too far off”

Wait patiently please, we will do some text on r4i gold 3ds, dstwo, r4i-sdhc 3ds, acekard2i,ace3ds plus.

And we will publish the texting result soon.

(Note: Don’t update your flashcarts until the official updating patch released.)




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