Yeah, nintendo 3ds firmware v4.5.0-10 has been released now, whether 3ds flashcarts will be blocked by this firmware?

newest  3ds v4.5.0-10

Well, someone has tested, r4i gold 3ds from has been confirmed to support it without any updating,

(Friendly notice: just the one with “Deep Labyrinth” icon can work on it)

Just take a look at this following pic:

r4i gold  icon

Another flashcart DSTWO(scds2) can work on the 3ds v4.5.0-10 after updating the firmware to v1.19.

Other 3ds flashcarts, not working:

Ace3ds plus(

R4i-sdhc 3ds(

Acekard 2i(

Please do not update your 3ds to the newest v4.5.0-10 until they release the updated patch for it.


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