R-SIM7+ General Description:

R-SIM7+ is the only team in the world to push the Iphone5/4 s general accelerated default edition off, which is the newest iPhone5 and iphone4s unlocking card,which developed by the R-SIM team and SAM DEV team. R-Sim7 +Unlocking and Activation Card is compatible with latest iPhone 5 and 4s firmware iOS 6.0 and iOS 6.0.1 any baseband both CDMA, GSM & CDMA supports 3G SIM cards and Networks.

Different from other unlocking card, R-SIM7+ has the following features:

  • Signal speed within 10-15 seconds unlocking Iphone4S and 5.
  • With the Activation card that can guide you and active any of your cell phone and Operators, the more steady, the less activate for nothing.
  • Add more default version (any verson is available, easy operate and speed Signal pace).
  • To update circuit board makes the sim card insert Relaxed.
  • TO increase accessories {sim card tray for iphone5 and micro sim adapter}.
  • New circuit board and card tray, easy identification for iphone, perfect work.
  • Mostimportant,Specifically designed, directly built IC in card tray, which really realize the unlock dream.

Just take a look at the pic of this unlocking card:


How to use the R-SIM7+ card?

  • The United States Sprint/Verizon version and Japan AU version iPhone5 unlocking special tips:

The United States Sprint/Verizon version and Japanese AU version iPhone5, Use RSIM unlocking, please enter the iPhone5 >>settings>>General>>Network:open all network switch, including (data roaming, CDMA data roaming), can be fast search to signal and carrier name!

  • The United States Sprint version and Japan AU version selection operator after the jump activation solution:

Enter the RSIM manual editing mode, “other carriers”, input IMSI:Sprint (3101200 ) AU ( 4405000), Send,Accept,restart your phone, OK

  • Because 6.0/6.01 cannot jailbreak and setting APN, cannot connect network solutions:

If your system is IOS6.0, please first update to 6.01,iPhone using wireless WIFI connected to the network, and then in the iPhone browser to open “www.isamsim.com/cdma3g”or”www.rsim5.com/cdma3g”,will show Install Profile window,click”install”and click”Done”, restart iPhone,your iPhone network settings in cellular data all switch is opened, it can connect to the internet!

R-SIM7+ for iphone 4s and iphone5:

More details, you can take a look at here: gamekool.



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