Wasabi X360 and X360S – coming soon!

As we have been expected for months for the x360key,but it never getting more update and now it’s August.Team Wasabi is seems going to steal their wind.And Xbox Live compatibility?

Wasabi X360 and X360S using the ultimate ODDE (Optical Disc Drive Emulator), allows you to emulate your 360′s optical disc drive and run Xbox 360 or Xbox 1 ISO’s from HDD. No more hunting for game discs, simply execute your favourite ISO’s from any ESATA HDD. Easy, fast, safe and convenient.

Wasabi Xbox 360 should arrive in this month.

Wasabi Xbox 360 and 360 360SĀ Features include:

  • Solderless installation
  • Selection of your favourite ISO’s via our intuitive user interface
  • Support for AP25 enabled ISO’s
  • ESATA interface is used in place of USB providing superior performance, since data is transferred directly between the ESATA HDD and Xbox 360 resulting in impressively high bandwidth, many times faster than reading from a real DVD disc
  • Elegant and streamlined console inspired case design
  • Versions available for both fat and slim consoles
  • NTFS file system natively supported
  • Powerful embedded CPU running performance tuned Real Time Operating System
  • Regular firmware updates available free for download
  • Fully updatable hardware (MCU and FPGA’s) from ESATA HDD including a failsafe recovery mode
  • No need to modify your original ODD
  • Hardware selectable pass through mode – providing access to the original ODD

Features coming soon:

  • Xbox Live compatibility
  • Dumping of X360 ISO’s from original discs

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