Are you puzzled about how to get up on time? Do you want to choose a better helper for your child, husband?

Now, there are many different kinds of alarm clock for you.Let’s take a look at these cool things.

This lovely one called New 7 LED Color Colour Hello Kitty Digital Alarm Clock.Maybe your little kids like it.

it not only support alarm function,What’s more,it hasĀ  seven color changeble function, temperature display, date and time display.

The most wonderful thing is that it can adjust your mood.

New 7 LED Color Colour Hello Kitty Digital ALARM CLOCK

Are you wondering about which can be your great helper when you are traveling outside?

This stylish design is a talking alarm clock that has 7-color Flash lights.It also has other various features,

such as LCD screen display, sound control and projection function, voice broadcast, time and calendar function.

It can be your ideal alarm clock,especially for your home and travel.

Sensor Talking Projection Clock

We also have LED Wooden Digital Alarm Clock (thick/thin/triangle style) with different colors.

LED Wooden Digital Alarm Clock---thick style

LED Wooden Wood Digital Alarm Clock---thin style

LED Wooden Wood Digital Alarm Clock---triangle style



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