Not surprise,there are more and more “PS3 Jailbreak” now.But one thing for sure,they are come with lower and lower price.So here comes USB Break.

This product is good cause it’s name have no relation with PS3,this is be more easier to across the customs that is now watching closely to the all PS3 Jailbreak things.And other features?Just 100% copy.But at least it make sure to hack your PS3.

Gamekool is now selling USB Break for only 22$.

USB Break Features:

★ Upgradeable hardware firmware thoroughly!
★ Reading speed will be 2 times faster and it makes users to play more smoothly.
★ Games can be copied and saved to internal or external hard disk, in this way, the expensive blue-ray driver and disc can be abandoned.
★ Plug & play USB port, the installation will be finished in a few seconds.
★ Homebrew software is supported.
★ Simple and clear illustrations will guide you to install step by step.
★ USBbreak is compatible with all fat and slim model.

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