As we all know, the updated patch of R4i gold 3ds for 3ds v4.5 and dsi v1.45 has been released by team.

But this patch is just for the revision (C, A, 9) 3DS cards, they are still working hard on those old cards.

From a forum, I knew someone met a problem, R4i gold 3ds can’t work on 3ds v4.5, just getting this error message:

“An error has occurred.  Press and hold the POWER button to turn the system
off.  Please refer to the Operations Manual for details”

Here comes a method to repairing it.

Things you need to prepare: A DSL console or DSi (lower than v1.45), SD card.

Just try the following method:

1.Download the latest WOOD R4 firmware from
and unzip it, put the file “__rpg”  and  “_DS_MENU.DAT” into the root of your SD card;

2.Then download the latest patch:
Unzip it, you will get two patch, if you use DSL, just copy the patch file “R4iGold_3DS44_Patch_NDSL.nds” to the root of your SD card;
(If you use DSi, put the related patch “R4iGold_3DS45_NDSi145_Patcha_NDSi.nds” into the root of your SD card,

3.Insert your r4i gold 3ds and SD card into your DSL console.Just power your NDSL on and boot up R4iGold_3DS44_Patch_NDSL.nds

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r4i gold 3ds

4.Complete the upgrading at the prompt.After updating, you may need to unplug the card, then insert it again.

5.Complete this upgrading, your r4i gold 3ds flashcard may work on the 3ds v4.5 and dsi v1.45.

r4i gold 3ds card

(Friendly notice: Do not turn off your console during the procedure.)

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