Late this afternoon, Nintendo has released the new Firmware V5.0.0-10 for 3DS, and many flashcarts has been blocked.

Having tested different carts, here are the carts that has been blocked:

Acekard 2i
R4i sdhc 3ds V4.5 (
r4i sdhc 3ds rts (
r4i sdhc dual core (
r4i sdhc silver rts (
r4i gold pro (

Although many carts has been blocked, there are still some carts that can be compatible to 3DS V5.0.0-10 directly,such as :

R4i gold 3ds (
Supercard Dstwo (
Ace3ds Plus  (
Ace3DS Pro

The new firmware must make many players’s carts blocked and maybe they have to buy other cards to support their 3DS.

Our store will keep an close eye on the news!

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