The First PS3 USB Modchip Named PS Jailbreak released.We have to say it’s big news cause we all know that the sony system is not that hacking-friendly.We doubt if it really works,but they have video proof and even video reviews.So,let’s cheer for it,it’s true.

Even the news confirmed,gamekool is still want to give some suggestions to those you want to order it first-hand.

1)PS3 is costing,beware of any modification or modchip when it’s not so “matured”enough.

2)This product is current stay a high price and will last cause it’s just release.Obviously,the supply does not fit the need,price is not stable in the first few month.

3)Hold your money to see the more possibility.Not need to long,all kinds of review of the modchip will come out,and maybe more ps3 usb modchips.

Anyway,we like it.We are so glad to see the efforts the team made,they worth our support.We will keep watch of this and let you know.

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