Unfortunately the Supercard team will not release the SNES emulator this month as they wanted too. They have some problems with there SDK and want to work on that first. We don’t want them to make a SNES emulator from a broken SDK. But the Supercard DStwo team said that they will be releasing the SDK this month.

With the SDK other people can create homebrews for the Supercard DStwo and use its extra power. The Supercard team released the iReader a couple weeks ago, but they still need to update that as well, the iReader can not support PDF files a lot they load to slowly and take forever to turn the page.

So they are working on 5 different things right now, iReader, SDK, Snes emulator, GBA emulator, and the movie player. Luckily the forum admin from the Supercard forums got a early release of the SNES emulator. You can check the pictures out in his post.


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