Many people are confused about which card to choose, the r4isdhc Dual-core or r4isdhc RTS LITE?

Both of them are from that can support the latest 3ds v4.5 and dsi v1.45.

They both have various features, such as Double Game Engines, Full-featured upgrade cheat function,

Convenient file-operate function, WiFi upgrade,Easy user friendly menu interface .

r4sdhc dualcore

But differently, r4isdhc RTS LITE(r4isdhc-silver) is more powerful, which has RTS function, it means that Real Time Save,

which allows NDS users to save the current game scene and resume the same spot previously stopped.

Also it suports playing game and reading strategy simultaneously, free switch between game and strategy

and instant replacement of skin and language.

r4isdhc silverr4isdhc rts lite card

Choosing one just depends your own preference.

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