The R4I-GOLD PRO kernel wood 1.60 released on July 4th,2013. It is compatible on 3DS V6.1.0-12 and NDSI1.45. 2013 R4I-GOLD PRO is the new card which is developed by original gold version and wood developing team.It integrates rapid kernel update,simple operation and great cost performance.

Long time no see, the r4i-gold pro this updating give us a new feeling.It still support multiple languages with dual core for the 3DS V6.1.0-12 and NDSI1.45.

How to update the firmwave?

Firstly, land in , choose the right language and download the patch.

Secondly,unzip and copy the upgrade file to MicroSD.

Finally,find a DS console or other console,turn on the power, EOS will detect the upgrade file, press A to upgrade.

If you have a r4i gold pro, don’t hesitate to update it!



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