PhotoFast CR-5400 mini review:

This little thing is actually a new kind of memory stick for the PSP. There are already Memory Sticks that Sony makes but they are usually pretty expensive and don’t have a lot of room to begin with. Now you could use regular MicroSD’s for your PSP, but not only 1 MicroSD at a time you can put in 2.

So lets say you have a 4GB MicroSD and a 8GB MicroSD once you put in both of them into your CR-5400 you now have a 12GB Memory Stick for your PSP. The speed won’t be as great as the regular Memory Sticks but its still great for running those ISO’s, the speed also matters about what kind of MicroSD you use if the class of the MicroSD 6 then the CR-5400 will be faster. I tested God of War CSO file and it works perfectly on my PSP 1000 running 5.00 M33-6.

The great thing about this is that MicroSD’s are really cheap these days that means I can buy 2 8GB MicroSDs and my memory stick is now 16GB. This is a great product and I recommend getting one for your PSP. You can buy it at Gamekool for only $7.50

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