X360dock is a solderless deivce which means you can install it without any soldering skills, this is a great news for users.                                                      After all, not so many guys are capable of doing the complicated soldering job. In order to install the x360dock, you need to open the console,   put the x360dock inside,  connect somecables, put the firmware inside and close console.                                                                                                                   You can install it easily viaourguide.

Installing the x360dock requires a copy of your xbox360 drive key which means you need to use some tools such as x360USB pro & CK3 Lite to retrieve the key from your DVD drive. If you already have got the key file in advance, that’s great.

Here is a vedio about how to set up the x360dock:

Are you wondering about what software you need to install?

Here is another vedio about how to install x360dock software:

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