Ace3ds plus, another card from, which can support wood firmware.

Till now, it works on the latest 3ds v4.4.0-10 and dsi v1.44. Buy ace3ds plus from gamekool, no need to update it by yourself.

It is designed as a lovely card reader, after you receive it, just open it, you will find the flashcard is in it.

Well, as we all know, X-mas is arround the corner, many people may confused about choosing a great present for their children or friends,

here comes an ideal choice,  the new packge of ace3ds plus has been released, so that you can choose between the pink and blue,

just take a look at the following new ace3ds plus package:

ace3ds plus buy

ace3ds plus 3dsll

You also can stick with the old one:

ace3ds plus package

3dsll ace3ds plus

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