We all know that the PSjailbreak is overpriced and is selling in stores over $120. Now new clone makers found out how the original team made the PSjailbreak and are now making there own clones of it and will be selling them for a cheaper price. The X3jailbreak is a new clone of the PSjailbreak there official website is here. The X3jailbreak will be around $55 – $65 which is a lot cheaper then the original PSjailbreak. Don’t think the X3jailbreak is legit? Well the X3Jailbreak team sent out samples to lots of websites for them to test it out and see if it works, well logic-sunrise have confirmed that the X3jailbreak is the real deal and that it works. We still recommend not to buy it because we do not currently know if Sony will be able to block it in a future update and if they do then your USB might just be useless. People have found out that you can also port this “PS3 Jailbreak” into something else that connects to your PS3 with a USB like a PSP or a PC, so for now lets just wait and see.

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