The Xbox 360 250GB Hard Drive is the biggest storage you can expect for your xbox 360 and the best tool to expand your Xbox 360 experience with downloadable content,let’s see the feature list first,


-100% brand new
-Save games & music, downloaded trailers, levels, demos and community-created content from the Xbox Live Marketplace and more
-Save music and create custom playlists
-Download new content from Xbox Live, and play an array of original Xbox games
-250GB and detachable
-Compatible with Xbox 360


-CE approved
-Designed for Xbox 360
-Stores downloadable games
-Saves music & custom playlists
-Storage Capacity: 250GB
-Weight: 311g
-Dimensions: 193 x 78 x 23mm

What’s you can do with this 250GB HDD in your xbox 360?

Game downloads: Download game demos, Xbox LIVE Arcade games, game add-ons and more from Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Keep all your game saves handy in one place with no worries about storage
Videos: Download hundreds of movies in standard- and high-definition, as well as television shows, independent videos, game trailers, and lots more
Other media: Rip CDs to the hard drive with reckless abandon and no concern for space constraints. Download music videos, gamer pics and dashboard themes, and store your own photos on the console

250GB HDD Hard Drive for Xbox 360 only need 58.5$ at gamekool.Search it,very low price.

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