There are lots of flashcarts out there. Plenty of R4′s, and other great flashcarts. All of this might be confusing for the first time buyer of a flashcart, most of you are wondering about which flashcart should I get since there are so many to chose. Well I will be telling you the advantage of each flashcart and who it is good for.

R4 DS- This flashcart is good for the average user who just wants to play there games and thats it. This flashcart will not work on DSi nor it has SDHC support. I will not recommend this flashcart to you if you want to have lots of games. But if you are short on money and really need a flashcart the R4 is a great choice.

Acekard 2i- This flashcart is like the R4 but will work on the DSI and has SDHC support. So this flashcart covers the cons that the R4 has. I will recommend this flashcart to anyone who wants to play any game they want and to have lots of games, this flashcart is also really cheap compared to the other ones and competes with them very nicely.

M3i Zero- I can not recommend this flashcart to anyone anymore since its team makes half-ass releases that do not fix the games.

Supercard DStwo- This flashcart has its own CPU which makes it stand out to the others. This is the only flashcart out of the good ones that can actually play GBA games. The flashcart is a bit pricy but worth every penny. It also has a nice team that makes new features like the SNES emulator that will be released soon for it. This cart works on all DS models as well I highly recommend this cart if you got the money. It also has lots of cool features like Real-Time Saves and in-game guide.

EZ-Flash Vi- I could recommend this cart to people as well since the compatibility is really good. It also has the Real time features like Save States and in-game guide. I do not have this cart but from the community responses it is a very good cart. I do recommend it and it works on every DS model.

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