Till now, many 3ds flashcarts can work on the latest 3ds v4.4.0-10,

let’s just take a look at the following compatible flashcarts list:

Supercard dstwo (Supercard.sc)——Support the newest 3DS v4.4.0-10 after updating the latest dstwo patch.

R4i gold 3ds (R4ids.cn)——After updating 3DS v4.4.0-10 patch for R4i gold 3ds, your r4i gold 3ds can work on the 3ds v4.4.0-10 and dsi v1.44.

Ace3DS PLUS (Ace3ds.com)——The updated Ace3DS PLUS patch for 3ds v4.4.0-10 has been released now.

Here is the vedio shows that ace3ds plus can work on the 3ds v4.4.0-10 perfectly.

R4i-sdhc 3ds (R4i-sdhc.com)——Update R4i-sdhc 3ds kernel to v1.62 to support the 3DS XL/LL V4.4.0-10.

We will update the infos as soon as we get the news for the first time.






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