So,this is kind of a new products for ipad.Lots of us will find it extreme uncomfortable for typing on ipad.Despite the reason that we have get used to a Real keyboard,it’s also a harm to ipad’s screen.That’s why we brought this Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad 6113 here.Let’s see the features:


Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad 6113 features:
1) made for iPad use Bluetooth technology,10m operating distance .made of silicone, environmentally protective and ideal for resistance against drink or food spillage at home or at work

2) Available in any color ,support for windows XP/VISTA/WIN7/MAC SYSTEM Support::SYMBANS60/V3.WINDOWS MOBLIE V6.0

3) Moisture prevention: waterproof, ideal for use in adverse, humid or even low-level water conditions

4) Compact size: the ability to roll up the keyboard makes it one of the most space-saving computer peripherals on the market today

5) Keyboard: the colorfast printed letters won’t come off even after long period of time, no noise while typing

6) With excellent softness, harmless to human body

7) Portable with the proper size to fold or roll

8) Resistant to the water or dust

9) Round shape design, easy to work on

10) High durability: one million life cycles of keys

11) Application: hospitals, offices, factories, labs, libraries, military usage, automotive industry, garages, medical and hospital workshops, mines,classrooms, restaurants, kitchens, kids’ rooms, laptops, classrooms, mining and quarrying

ipad bluetooch keyboard details:

Keys layout: 85 keys

Working way: Bluetooth wireless

Ops distance: 10meters

Characteristics: Medical Silicone material,power saving,waterproofing,dustproofing,and easytaking

Function Characteristics: Supporting PC,Mobilephone,ipad

O/S (PC): windows/XP/vista/MAC/;

O/S (Mobile phone): SymbanS60/V3/WindowsMlbileV6.0

Multi-languages Supporting : Yes

TCP Supporting: Bluetooth2.0/1.2/1.1

Ergonomics: Supporting

Power supply: Built-in charging Li-ion battery

Surface Process: Eco-friendly,high strength,high elastic silicone

Colour matching: Optional

Power Switch: Yes

USB Charging: Yes

Certificate: FCC,CE,ROHS´╝îSRRC

Or you prefer it in red:

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad is now only $37.99 at gamekool.

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