If you just got a message “there is no card inserted in” or a white screen after inserting your ak2i card,

you can try this method to repair it.

Things you need:

  • Another flashcard (anyone can work on DSL console), here takes dstwo as an example
  • DS console (DSL or DSi which is lower than v1.44), here takes DSL as an example

Step1: Download the latest dstwo firmware, unzip it,

put the folder “_dstwo” and the file ” ds2boot.dat” into the root of your  SD card.

dstwo  firmware file

Step2: Download the latest acekard2i patch, unzip it, you will get two different patches,

one is for DSL console, the other one is for dsi console.

put the patch  file “ak2ifw_update_3ds42_dsi144_onDSL.nds” ( if you use DSL console) into the root of SD card.

Step3: Insert the dstwo and SD card into the DSL console, power on it, click the patch file “”ak2ifw_update_3ds42_dsi144_onDSL.nds”

Step4: Unplug the dstwo and insert your ak2i card,   press KEY_A and start updating.

Step5: After updating, your ak2i will work again.( During the updating, don’t put off your DSL console)

Here is the vedio shows how to repair ak2i card:



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