As we all know,  we can play GBA games with dstwo on any nintendo console. Just need to download the firmware and dstwo plug-in,

no need for a slot-2. But some r4i flashcarts owners may confused about how to use their r4i card to play GBA games.

Well,  now here comes the method about how to play GBA games with a r4i gold 3ds on DSL console.(only DSL can support a slot-2)

Things you need to prepare:

  1. R4i gold 3ds (
  2. Ez flash 3 in 1
  3. DSL console
  4. SD card
  5. Card reader

Step1: Download the latest wood R4 firmware v1.51 from official site, unzip it,

put the folder “”__rpg” and the file “”_DS_MENU.DAT” into the root of the SD card.

wood firmware file

Step2: Download the GBA Exploader,

Unzip it, then put these two files “GBA_ExpLoader.ini” and “GBA_ExpLoader_058b0_MX.nds”

into the root of your SD card.

GBA ExpLoader file

Step3: Create a new folder named “GBA” in the root of your SD card  then put some GBA games in it.

 gba folder

(NOTE: You run the GBAExploader on the console at the first, it will generate two new folders (GBA_SAVE & GBA_SIGN).)

The following pic shows all the things that you need to put in:

prepared gba files

Step4: Insert your r4i gold 3ds and SD card into DSL console, insert the EZ flash 3 in 1 into the slot-2.

Step5: Power on it, click the file ” “GBA_ExpLoader_058b0_MX.nds”

Step6: After that, you can enjoy GBA games.

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