These days, I have received many emails, which were about wondering how to play 3DS games with R4 card.

Till now, no cards can support 3DS games, we just can play DS games.

As far as I know, crown3ds card, which is the only one to support 3ds roms, is still in 72% processing.

But, if you want to purchase a powerful 3ds flashcart, the supercard dstwo (scds2) can be your best choice.

Supercard DStwo (DS2, DSTWO, SCDSTWO, SCDS2) is one of the best flashcards released by supercard team, it can work on all the version,

such as DS/DSi/3DS.  DStwo is a second generation flashcard which offers many powerful features.

It has lots of features which other cards don’t have. It can play GBA games with only slot-1, it can do video playback without conversion,

it has better SNES emulation than any other flashcart, the homebrew community of DStwo is the best alos.



It is a wonderful card, but its price is a little high. Well, how about R4i gold 3ds(

R4i gold 3ds supports wood firmware, which updates very regularly. Till now, it can work on the latest 3ds v4.4.0-10 and dsi v1.44.

If you want it with pre-loaded firmware, just buy r4i gold 3ds from official reseller.


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