How to Install R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edtion  ?

R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition is the newest 3DS games falshcard by Support Nintendo 3DS/3DS(XL/LL) consoles(V4.1 to V4.5).Support all the latest 3D games(roms),You can use this card to play all the nds games too.

But when you first get the card,you maybe not kown how to install it.Here is a course :

Step 1 Copy files from “Blue Card” folder onto the root of a fat 32 formatted MicroSD Card.
Step 2 Repeat on DS model entry
a) Click “START” and choose 3DS Setup
b) Press button “B” to setup
|c) Press button “A” to power down or “Home” to return to main menu.
Step 3 Copy “Launcher.dat” file to the root of the MicroSD card from the 3DS.
Step 4 Launching STARTER mode (repeat every power cycle).

Wait for 5-8 seconds for system tore boot into STARTER mode

Step 5 Preparing several MicroSD cards for the r4i gold 3DS deluxe edition
a) Please download Win32 Disk Imagerb) Start Win32 Disk Imager and select file open button, choose all file types to list .3DS and select your file.c) Insert MicroSD card larger than the file to be written into reader/writer.Make sure to select the correct device in Win32 Disk Imager drop down list.
(Note: The MicroSD card needs to be preformatted in order to show up in the device list.)Select Write, double check correct target device and yes to the pop-up confirm overwrite window.

Done.Insert MicroSD card into Golden card.
Make sure you are running in STARTER Mode as shown in Step 4.

Done.Insert MicroSD card into Golden card.Make sure you are running in STARTER Mode as shown in Step 4.

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