Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is finally now on the iPhone/iPod Touch. The game has already been on the Nintendo DS for awhile and the Playstation Portable. Most people right now are wondering if the Graphics are as good as the PSP or as good as the DS, others are wondering about the controls, and some others just want to know if this title kept the features that the DS & PSP one had or added new features. This is my first Blog post on DSdatabase and my first review of a game, this is a quick first impression of the Chinatown Wars game and I will be comparing it to the DS and PSP version a little. Unfortunately the game does not work on the iPod Touch 1st Generation and you firmware must be 3.1 or higher.


The Graphics are really great for a iPhone game. As you can see in the picture the houses look fantastic on the iPod they are fully 3D and the colors of the background of everything such as the streets and houses are really bright and good looking unlike the Nintendo DS.

As you can see the people and the cars are really bad looking just the same as they where on the Nintendo DS. The new special effects such as when a Car blows up looks amazing like the PSP version you can see all those nice looking Colors showing up which the DS lacked. I say that the graphics are in between of the PSP graphics and the Nintendo DS but more leaning towards the PSP since it seems that it is using the same Graphic engine or w/e that the PSP was using.

The Gameplay is mostly the same as the DS and the PSP. One thing I want to point out that the Gameplay is really smooth when your driving or shooting unlike the DS version was. I remember that the DS version always lagged when I was driving fast. The game has everything the DS version had in Gameplay same cars, and same boats. We still have the top view but it seems that in this version we are a little closer to the ground than the DS version was.


Yep there are no Voice acting for the cutscenes in this game. And its still like a Comic or a slideshow. The story line is basically the same as the DS version I am not sure if they added any new missions though as they did with the PSP version. Copied from Wikipedia:
Huang Lee, the spoiled son of a recently murdered Triad boss, arrives by plane in Liberty City with Yu Jian, a sword that Huang’s father won in a poker game and has decided to use as an heirloom, to deliver it to the new patriarch of the family, Huang’s uncle Wu “Kenny” Lee. Shortly after landing, Huang’s escorts are killed by assassins and he is shot and kidnapped. The assailants steal the sword and, thinking Huang is dead, dump his body in the water. Huang manages to survive and informs Kenny that Yu Jian has been taken. Kenny explains that he had intended to offer the sword to Hsin Jaoming, the aging Triad boss in Liberty City, as a means of securing a position as his replacement. Kenny is dishonored and reduced in power due to the loss of Yu Jian, leaving him and Huang working to keep their businesses afloat.[/quote]


GTA Chinatown Wars for the iPod Touch added some new features and got some features that the DS version had. The Touchscreen minigames where brought back into the iPod Touch version which wasn’t in the PSP version since that has no touch screens. Unfortunately they didn’t add any new stations or add any new soundtracks to this Version as they did from the DS to the PSP. It has the same stations and same soundtracks as the DS version if not less since they removed some for the App not to be to large(It is around 118MB a little less than the DS version). A new feature that has been added was Custom iTunes Playlist, you could listen to your own music library in-game by using iTunes to create a playlist called “GTA” and syncing your songs into that playlist, they probably did this because they didn’t add a lot of Sound Tracks to the iPod version. This version does not have Multiplayer, but you can count that they will probably add it soon and maybe even make the game have World Wide Wifi so you can play with people threw Wifi.


The controls in the game are perfect for the iPod. You have a virtual Analog stick when you are walking around which is very responsive and easy to use. There are 3 other virtual buttons on the right which are Roll, Fight, and kick. When you go to a car you would see a little button on the bottom of the screen to steal it. Once you are in the car you get a 2 pad D-pad which is Left and Right, and you get 3 buttons on the right Shoot, Brake, Accelerate. The controls are really good for the iPhone but of course it isn’t as good as the DS version and the PSP version.

If have all 3 systems and can’t choose which GTA to buy for your system this is what I recommend. It also matters of which system you use the most
DS: If you have lots of friends that have this game you should buy it for the DS so you could play Multiplayer with them. Controls.
PSP: If you want the graphics, and if you want to have a large screen to play the game on. Also if you like to use the Analog stick.
iPod Touch: This is one of the most portable System out of all 3. I recommend this one if you are on the Go most of the time and want to play the game outside or anywhere else. Since the DS and PSP are somewhat bulky, the iPod Touch is really slim and you could take it anywhere you want and if you have a iPhone than I would assume you take your phone where ever you go so that means you have this game with you all the Time.

Out of all the systems I would choose the Nintendo DS. Maybe that is because it is the first one I played on and beet the whole game on. When I play the game on the DS it feels like the game was make for the DS which I like. On the iPod it just feels like a port that isn’t bad but you would always want to play the game on the original system because it gives you a better feel. Also another thing this isn’t one of those Apps you play for 5min press the Home button and never go back into again. The game also got kinda boring for me already because I already beet the game on the DS so I don’t want to do all those missions again even though they are pretty fun. So its your choice of what system you should get this game for. If you have any questions or comments about the game or my review please post it thanks.

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