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Popular card: R4i Gold 3DS.


R4i gold 3DS Description

R4i gold 3ds(aka R4i Gold) is a modern slot-1 flash flashcard released by team.It is a high compatibility product with low price.It supports SDHC and do not need additional tools to boot; It works great on DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, or 3DS. And it supports the latest fireware such as DSi V1.45 and 3DS V4.5.0-10. This card has some nice features such as good homebrew compatibility,has cheat support, support clean ROMs. It uses wood firmware which udateds very regularly,when new games release, wood team can update the firmware to support them in very short time. Wood firmware is also skinnable, you can use hundreds of skins and also can make the skins by yourself with some tools. R4i gold can run nearly all the games. With moonshell you can play various audio formats, view various image formats, and play DPG videos.

Official Features

  • Available for DSi V1.45 and 3DS V4.5.0-10
  • SDHC support
  • Automatic DLDI patching
  • Cheats/AR support
  • Save type detection
  • Multiple save slots per game
  • Game compatibility
  • Simple/Sturdy design
  • Functional menus
  • Fully-skinnable
  • Some native slot-2 support
  • Quick and easy shortcuts list
  • Regular updates

R4i gold 3ds package

r4i gold card


Q: Will I be able to play GBA games with R4i gold 3ds?

A: Yeah, you can, just need a slot-2, you may need to purchase the EZ-flash 3 in 1.

Step1: Download the latest wood R4 firmware, unzip it,put the folder “”__rpg” and the file “_DS_MENU.DAT” into the root of the SD card.

Step2: Download the GBA Exploader, Unzip it, then put these two files “GBA_ExpLoader.ini” and “GBA_ExpLoader_058b0_MX.nds” into the root of your SD card.

Step3: Create a new folder named “GBA” in the root of your SD card then put some GBA games in it.

Step4: Insert your r4i gold 3ds and SD card into DSL console, insert the ez flash 3-in-1 expansion card into the slot-2.

Step5: Power on it, click the file “ “GBA_ExpLoader_058b0_MX.nds”After that, you can enjoy GBA games.

Q:Can I use my r4i gold 3ds card to listen to some music?

A:Sure,you just need to download multimedia function moonshell2.0 from official site, run your console with wood r4 firmware(please download the newest

wood r4 firmware v1.56 for your r4i gold 3ds firstly),and then run the “_DS_MSHL.NDS”.”Select the file”MP3″, then you can enjoy multimedia functions on it.




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