Ex4ds Price Rist to 31.99$ shipped

Ex4ds,also ex4i have been listed on gamekool for 2 weeks and did a great job as a new product.Seems there are a lot of people interesting in watch movie,play NDS and GBA games at the same time.And there are people who want to full fill their flashcard collection sure won’t miss ex4i.But what’s more this card can do?RTS?Better cheat?More third party software?yeah,it’s all possible.

Well,PharaohsVizier from dsdatebase.org have got the first ex4i from gamekool.And after a week,his ex4i review will release today or tomorrow.This is help more people know about Ex4i,what’s it can do,how good is it.

According to PharaohsVizier,ex4i is not that perfect to fit in the dsi cart slot(only dsi).Seems ex4 team have already fix this up.They have do a small changes of ex4i and new card will arrive tomorrow.Let’s see if it do better.

Anyway,ex4i price rise to 31.99$ shipped.But you can still easily get gamekool coupon to get it under 30$.Just do a little google.lol

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