These days, I have been asked about whether there was a flashcard can run 3ds game.

Well, we just heard about some infos about crown 3ds card can support 3ds roms, but it seems to be processing for a little long time.
Whether there is some other card can make it possible? Yeah, ace3ds pro from may make a big difference now.

It is another newest card that released by ace3ds team, it allows you not only to run NDS games, more importantly, it can run 3ds

game that ace3ds plus can’t support. Pressing a small switch in the back of the card to switchover NDS/3DS game.

Just as the following pic shows:

The package of ace3ds pro is the same as ace3ds plus, you can choose from pink or blue.

(Which is designed as a card reader, after getting it, just open it, you will find the card in it)

Here is the official vedio about  ace3ds pro card:


The ace3ds pro will be released soon, just looking forward to it.

Yet, ace3ds plus can also be a great card, till now, it supports latest 3ds v4.5 and dsi v1.45.

Buy this 3dsll r4 to enojoy your games now.

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