Do you know the card which is called R4iSDHC RTS LITE(aka:R4isdhc-silver)?

R4iSDHC RTS LITE is another card released by Currently, it can work on the latest 3ds v4.5 and dsi v1.45.

This card has various powerful features, such as Real Time Save, which allows NDS users to save the current game scene

and resume the same spot previously stopped.

Are you wondering about how to update it to support the latest version?

  1. Download the latest kernel of R4iRTS V2.02 fromR4iSDHC RTS LITE V2.02
  2. Unzip and copy the files(app,data,moonshl2,NDSMAIL,svsip,SYSTEM,r4.DAT) to the root of MicroSD card.
  3. Download the3DS-v4.5.0-10 and-DSI-V1.4.5 upgrade package of r4i(RTS LITE) here :3DS v4.5.0-10 and DSI V1.4.5 Upgrade Firmware  ,Unzip and copy thefiles(R4iSDHC_Updater.nds R4iSDHC_Code.bin) to the root of MicroSD card.
  4. Insert MicroSD card into r4i(RTS LITE) card, insert r4i(RTS LITE) card into NDS/DSL/DSI/DSILL/DSIXL/3DS.
  5. Turn on console and press “A” button to run the upgrade file R4iSDHC_Updater.nds.Note:When upgrading the r4i(RTS LITE) card, it is not allowed to turn off power or pull out r4i(RTS LITE)  ,otherwise it will damage the r4i(RTS LITE) card.


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