Although it might not be the latest news, cuz it has been released 2 days ago, it still an amazing stuff.

It shows that a Italian Scene site BiteYourConsole has released a GUIDE which allows you to install Multiman Themes via PKG files.

Then you can easily make your PS3 more personal, and more like the reflection of your personality.

In addition, you should pay attention to the NOTE>

It is suggested to be used on Multiman 4.40, that’s because it will overwrite various MultiMan files.

That might make some error if Multiman updates or it’s not the current version.

Now, Here is the origional thread of that team.


Translated by Google Translate, Italian – English

Further to our previous article for how to make beautiful themes for multiMAN report here the program that allows us to transfer the issue directly in a PKG file and installing it through a pendrive.

The program was inspired by the previous work done on Bite that allowed us to create precisely the PKG file, the program has been modified to permit completion of an update file that goes to save the theme within multiMAN.


  • Drag the file. THM inside the themes folder.
  • Click theme.bat and wait for the end of the process.
  • Copy the file MM4PS3-BLES80608_00-MULTIMANAGER0440.pkg on a USB key and installed on the ps3.

The program can also be used for the themes of the mod hcode123 and opium2k, but only related to multiMAN.

Please Keep Your Eyes on PS3 Break.  Everyday will be full of surprise.

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