Good news again for all you guys.

The ace 3ds  plus official release his newest wood firmware v1.61  today. The latest patch for extremely strenghening the stability of the flashcard. The AOS V2.11 built-in Wood firmware and some powerful Emulators such as FC/SFC/GB/GBC/MD/ NEOGEO/ATARI/PC-Engine and Moonshell V2.10.

Change Log
•’cars 2 (europe) (en,sv,fi)’ fixed.
•’toy story 3 (europe) (en,sv,no,da,fi)’ fixed.
•’lernen mit pokemon – tasten-abenteuer (germany)’ fixed.
•’tangled (europe) (en,sv,no,da)’ fixed.
•’cooking mama world – combo pack – volume 1 (europe)’ fixed.

Now all card in gamekool have updated. What are you waiting for , buy the Ace 3DS Plus card in Gamekool!


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