In an PAX 2010 interview about the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot, Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick let slip the existence of a PSP2 development unit at Netherrealm Studios.

IndustryGamers asked about the possibility of a version of Mortal Kombat on the current PSP or the upcoming 3DS, and Himmerick replied:

“We’re not launching day one on all consoles like that. We are looking at them; we have a PSP2 in the house and we’re looking at the engine, like what can it support. Always a big thing for us is the performance. We’re running at 60 fps, what can we do and do we have to build all the art assets over. We’re definitely looking at them. PSP2 looks like it’s a pretty powerful machine. We don’t have a 3DS system in house yet, but we’re looking to get one, and we’ll certainly look at what its power is.”

So Netherrealm has a PSP2 system, but not a 3DS? How far along is the system and possible launch titles? Previous rumors have pegged the PSP2 as a 2011 hardware launch, but Sony has remained mum on their next portable system, choosing instead to focus on the current generation PSP. What are they hiding in PlayStationland?

The rest of the interview with Shaun Himmerick about Mortal Kombat’s return to form will be posted soon.

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