Last week, we revealed that Super Mario All-Stars is coming the UK in December and now in an extra bonus for Nintendo fans all over the UK, it has emerged that the special Wii and DSi consoles will be released over here before they’re released in Japan.

The red DSi XL bundle features a mushroom, a flower and a star next to the camera and comes with a copy of New Super Mario Bros.

The red Wii will go on sale on 29 October, but in a change from the Japanese version which included a new version of Super Mario Bros., this bundle will come with a copy of the original Donkey Kong pre-loaded onto it. It’s also bundled with Wii Sports, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and a red Wii Remote Plus. The Remote Plus is the new controller with an in-built MotionPlus accessory.

Nintendo hasn’t confirmed how much the consoles will cost but we’d expect the company to leave the exact pricing up to the individual retailers as usual.

Seriously Nintendo why are you making this? Do we really need a new color for the Wii the colors we have right now are fine its not like we take our Wii’s everywhere they just sit in one place all the time. For DSi I can understand people might like red. But instead of making these units they should focus on the Nintendo 3DS so that we won’t see a shortage with that like we saw with the Wii.

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